You will never be able to have a coffee with them, let alone offer them a game of ping-pong, but rather you will see them presenting you with the latest fashionable clothing. They are virtual influencers, characters created from scratch using simulation software. They therefore do not have a physical existence, but that does not prevent them from being known, like Lu do Magalu, followed by more than 6.4 million people on Instagram. Created by the Brazilian clothing brand Magalu, it became known through unboxing videos but now defends the LGBT movement. This non-human icon could, according to a calculation made by the online gaming company Rant Casino, earn more than 14.9 million euros a year on Instagram alone. Human, too human? The teenager CB, named in reference to the Brazilian distribution giant Casas Bahia, at the origin of its creation, shares his passion for skateboarding and the accordion with his almost 4 million fans on Instagram. Created by the Swiss company Cosmiq Universe, Leya Love raises awareness of respect for our planet. The surprise of these fictitious characters is the degree of commitment, sometimes greater than that of “real” influencers, that they arouse: active 24 hours a day, they adapt to the language and culture of their audience. From there to one day playing a political role? Leya Love, who co-authored a book published by WerteVollLeben, recently spoke at the Global Youth Summit, a conference affiliated with the United Nations…

* Estimated annual revenue, Instagram followers


Stand out from mobile phone blockbusters. This is the mission set by the Dutch company Fairphone, which is launching a fifth model with a battery with increased autonomy. Ten years ago, Fairphone produced a phone whose raw materials were mined as little as possible in conflict zones in Africa. A few years later, it made it easier to repair its phones, equipping each new model with a screwdriver. The manufacturer has partnered since 2020 with the French company Murena, created by Gaël Duval. The latter has developed an operating system, /e/OS, compatible with Android applications, independent of Google. A clear desire to protect personal data for Fairphone users, with growing success in France, Germany and the United States.

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