Introducing the Unitree G1 Humanoid Robot: A Detailed Overview

Unitree, a well-known budget Chinese option in the robot space, has unveiled its latest product: the Unitree G1 humanoid robot. Priced at $16,000, this “Humanoid agent AI avatar” offers impressive capabilities for its cost.

The G1 stands at a diminutive 4’2″ tall, making many real-world tasks challenging due to its height. Despite this limitation, the robot showcases a walk cycle, balance, and durability that are commendable. It can absorb physical abuse and continue functioning with ease.

Equipped with a 9,000-mAh battery lasting two hours, the G1 weighs between 77 to 104 pounds and boasts components like an Intel RealSense D435 depth camera and Livox-MID360 lidar puck. It can run at 2 meters per second, lift 4.4 pounds, and features joints with a 160 to 310-degree range.

In a promotional video, the G1 attempts various tasks like nut cracking, bottle opening, and soldering, showcasing both successes and failures. While it struggles to complete tasks efficiently, Unitree mentions ongoing development and testing of functionalities.

Despite its $16,000 price tag, the G1 lacks fully functional hands, with some parts featuring placeholder hands. The “G1 EDU” version, priced unknown, offers additional features like a “Three-fingered dexterous hand” and tactile sensor arrays for object manipulation.

With a focus on affordability and functionality, the Unitree G1 humanoid robot presents a unique option for robotics enthusiasts and developers alike.