smartphone Manufacturer OnePlus will temporarily disable the filter in the camera of the new flagship device OnePlus 8 Pro, which, as discovered by users, allows us to “see” through some types of plastic and cloth.

the company, reports The Verge, said that the filter “Photochrom” does not allow to see through the thick layer of material, however, apologized for making users worry about their privacy. This is stated in the post in OnePlus official account in Chinese social network Weibo.

the Smartphone OnePlus 8 Pro was released in April. Soon, users found that working in the infrared range of the fourth camera with color filter allows the unit to “Shine” plastic items and cloth.

One of the best examples ∎∎∎∎#OnePlus8Pro Color Filter Camera can see through some plastic

– Ben Geskin (@BenGeskin) May 13, 2020

to enable the photochromic filter, you need to switch to Photochrom (the”Photochrom”) in the camera app. In the company explain that the 5-megapixel IR sensor is for turning the “ordinary scenes in a surreal landscape”, however, the first owners of the OnePlus 8 Pro managed to find another use for it.

the announcement of the OnePlus 8 Pro took place last month. The flagship model is worth a lot – from $899, but comes with one of the best screens on the market. She also got the latest chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, dustproof and water resistant body, and high-speed wireless charging Warp Charge 30 watts.

Text: To.Hi-tech