Users “Vkontakte” in the coming days will have access to the new service inside the mobile app of Russian social network. “Clips” is a realized according to the canons of modern TikTok mediaservis with vertical videos, unique features of which will be control with gestures, integration into the existing social graph and smart recommendation platform.

Showing the camera one of the gestures (✌️ 👌 ✋ 👍 👎 ✊ ☝️ 👈 🤙 ❤️), you can start or stop recording of video or on-the-fly to add the original video effect. As they say in the message a press-services “Vkontakte”, with this AR-mechanics and other tools of the service, any user without special skills and expensive equipment will be able to create content at a level close to professional.

According to Director of product and head of content platform “Vkontakte” Marina Krasnova, the launch of the “Clips” was a response to the growth of user interest in mobile video. When you create the service used the “technology deep machine learning and classical computer vision”, in addition, the “Clips” are specially optimized for effective use of graphics accelerators, smartphones and tablets.

In the social network stress that the integration of the new video service into an existing platform “Vkontakte” will wish quickly to gain popularity than if they started from scratch in some other similar app. Their videos are shot and published in “Clips”, will see all the existing friends and followers. To choose the most interesting videos to show in news feeds will help taking into account the “billions of signals about the interests of users of the” new recommendation platform.

Clips from the “Clips” you it will be easy to forward the message to friends, post on our wall or in the community, or save to bookmarks. This will allow high-quality content to spread faster and its creators, respectively, will have to spend less effort on maintaining contact with the audience and gain new followers. Provided communication under the rollers you can write comments.

the service will be Located on the fourth tab to application “Vkontakte” — after “Communications”, and all users will be available in the coming days. However, publishing video will allow everyone a little later. At the start only have a few hundred of the invited authors, among them Paul Will, Yekaterina Varnava, Evgeny Kulik, Ilya Sobolev and Philip.

In social networks note that user interest in vertical video up, for example, the number 9 published monthly by millions of “stories” exceeds 114 million stories, and all the “stories” on the platform collected more than 7.6 billion pageviews from 42 million viewers.

Text: To.Hi-tech