The Online giant Google is facing a major investigation for possible antitrust violations.

48 U.S. States and the government of the district of Washington DC, and Puerto Rico joined by the Texas attorney General Ken Paxton referred to the Initiative as the Alliance announced at a press conference in Washington. The investigation aims to clarify, according to Paxton, first, whether Google has hindered competition in the business with advertising on the Internet. You could, however, be extended according to the findings in other areas.

“If there is no free market or competition increases, the prices – even if something is marketed as free and hurts consumers,” said Florida’s attorney General, Ashley Moody. The investigation unexpectedly comes for Google – the parent company Alphabet had been declared on Friday, in a communication to the stock exchange supervision is to be expected with discovery requests. However, many States, only California and Alabama are participating, surprisingly, are not included.

the investigations increase the pressure on the because of their large market power controversial Alphabet-daughter. Google has long suspected that its strong Position in the search engines and advertising to take advantage of business to the detriment of competitors. However, the company is not alone in the sight of the overseers. On Friday only had one of New York’s Director of public advocate Letitia James, the attached Alliance of eight U.S. States and Washington DC have announced, conducted a Competitive assessment against Facebook.

the Federal government in Washington has the major Tech platforms on the short and curlies. The Ministry of justice had already announced in July, to investigate the question of whether the dominance of corporations is too big, and innovation and harm consumers. In addition to alphabet search engine Google and also belonging to the group video platform, Youtube, and Facebook with its subsidiaries Whatsapp and Instagram in the determination at the Federal level, also is the world’s largest Online retailer Amazon is likely to focus on.

Among other things, Google and Amazon are also the focus of competition procedures by the EU Commission. US authorities have often been accused of being Tech companies compared to lax. The Internet companies are also increasingly between the political fronts. US President, Donald Trump and his supporters accuse the networks, conservative voices. Your opponent will make the lack of regulation of corporations is partly responsible for the proliferation of hatred, incitement, and the manipulation in the Internet.

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