Twitter first offered to subscribers of trump's

the Social network Twitter, which has long been criticized for insufficiently active struggle against disinformation, first added the notification “get the facts” to the tweet of US President Donald trump.

Clicking on accompanied by a blue exclamation mark notification, the user goes to the page with the analysis of the statements of the head of state that the postal voting for the presidential elections will supposedly lead to fraud. There are the positions of leading American media on the issue, and statements of the President called “groundless”.

In response, the tweet trump has accused Twitter of meddling in the presidential election (they need to be held in November 2020), and check the facts in his statements the media called “fake news” and “Amazon Washington Post” (the newspaper really belongs to the owner of Amazon Jeff Bezos). According to the President of the United States, adding a note to his tweet, the social network “completely contradicts the freedom of speech”.

Previously, Twitter has pledged increasingly used such warning marks in tweets, which is misleading, or the information which is doubtful or not confirmed. “In active discussions about controversial issues it is useful to obtain additional information on the topic from sources that you trust” — then explained his plans, the representatives of the Internet service.

Donald trump more than 80 million followers on Twitter. The President of the United States publishes dozens of tweets a day on a variety of issues. Previously, Twitter had already indicated the inaccuracy published by the head of the White house information, but this applies only to media files. In March, trump posted a video in a biased and edited from the speeches of the leading presidential candidates from the Democratic party, Joe Biden.

Text: News.Hi-tech