It has a long Tradition: Since the iPhone 4s in 2011, Apple year invites for the year in September, in the homeland of California and presented on the big stage its latest Smartphones. This year, not just one, but three models are expected. And it should not remain only on the iPhone.

what is the name of the new iPhone?

the name is speculated to end. After a long time iPhone XI (Roman 11) was considered most likely, came in the summer, the rumor that Apple would like to delete the names altogether. And instead, as in the case of Mac computers and iPads, only the year of the idea called. The more expensive models – i.e. the successor of XS and XS Max – should therefore receive the additional “Pro”. In the last few days the movement came again in the name of: Internal Apple documents to the Test Version of iOS 13 betrayed probably the final name. It is a mixture: The XR-a successor to iPhone 11, the top models of iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. But maybe Apple can think of something else entirely.

when will appear the new models? Shortly before the Apple Keynote you want to buy the new iPhone? So much money in your old model will bring you a

The internal documents revealed the sales start At the 20. September should be the new iPhones, therefore, in the trade. This corresponds to the Tradition of the last years: presentation on Tuesday (with the exception of 2018, as it was a Wednesday) sale start on the Friday of the following week. Pre-orders were probably from this Friday.

What is the cost of the iPhone 11?

At the prices Apple is to follow its predecessors. The new iPhones would cost, therefore, is set back to 850, 1150, and 1250 Euro.

What are the changes in the Design?

Basically, the new iPhones look like the previous. With the exception of the Max-model, the size does not change. The greatest iPhone to increase the Display again, by 0.2 inch and now 6.5 inch. The most striking Change can be found on the back: Of the camera hole (iPhone, Xr) and the camera bar (Xs and Xs Max) is a large square with rounded corners. Thus, the back panel is not overloaded, it moves the Apple Logo in the upper half directly in the middle.

iPhone rumors, It’s official: this is the day the new iPhone By Malte mansholt came

in Addition, there are rumors according to which Apple would like to replace the monochromatic Apple in rainbow colors, graced by the end of the nineties, the Mac computer. In fact, Apple welcomed with a rainbow Apple at the Event. The may also point in new colors: compared To the iPhone Xr the blue and the orange model will be eliminated, instead of lavender and a bright Green as new sounds were added. There are new colours in the Pros, there are no rumors.

What the camera can?

Behind the camera-the square one of the most important innovations of the new iPhones hide. For the first time, the smallest models with a dual camera, the Pro-variations of even a Triple-Take. In addition to a regular and a telephoto lens nor a wide angle lens as well. In addition, the Pros will receive a Time-of-Flight Sensor. Measures the distance to the photographed objects, and is especially useful for Augmented-Reality applications exciting. May be the function, but also in 2020. All of the models should also take pictures of the significantly better in low-light conditions. Here, Apple has to catch up, especially Huawei and Google were able to provide last year.

What are the changes under the hood?

With the A13 Apple is, of course, again, the fastest iPhone processor ever imagine. The A12 from last year pushes rare to its limits, it will be exciting to see how Apple intends to use that extra computing power is useful. For many users, much more relevant is the jump in memory is likely to be: for the First time, at least, the Pro should bring models, at least 128 GB. The iPhone 11 remains at 64 GB. It receives, for the first time how the expensive variants of 4 GB of memory.

Other new features after FaceID is built since the iPhone X unchanged, it is to be with the new iPhones for the first Time improved. The face detection is, therefore, faster and more reliable. Also new is the support for Apple’s stylus Apple Pencil is. The was previously reserved for the iPad. Which Version of the pen is supported, is not yet known.3D Touch falls away. With the iPhone 6s, introduced additional control by firm pressure was missing in the iPhone Xr, iOS 13 Apple has moved almost all the functions to a long press.There are probably more runtime: The battery is expected to grow compared to all the predecessors, once again. Such as Smartphones from Huawei and Samsung also iPhone, the can hang on the cable, other devices wirelessly download to now. And for the First time, a stronger power supply should be accompanied by. How that connects with the iPhone is in the rumor mill controversial. While some sources see a year after the iPad, the iPhone, the AC-to-USB-C, others believe more in the use of the Lightning port. USB-C but it could still be The cable itself should move, therefore, from the USB-2 port to the new Standard. A further innovation is intended in the longer term: With Wifi 6 the iPhone are ready for the new Wi-Fi Standard. The will to prevail, probably in the next couple of years, but then for faster networks concern. Here to learn more.What is to come?

can be considered safe in addition to the iPhone, the new Apple Watch. To the right a little, as yet, known. The form factor is expected to remain after the Revision last year of the same. New, among other things, additional Sensors should be. Rumors there are about to messages on air quality, the Blu-glucose or to improve the measurement of sleep.

Apple’s Smartphone reservation for the new iPhones is now possible

An additional quite probable novelty small Tracker that can be to your keys or backpack mounted, so you can find it better again. A similar product, the manufacturer offers Tile already. Apple’s variant, but is still to be better integrated with the “Where” baptized search app.

Less likely that new Airpods or the expected Apple Macbook Pro 16-inch on the other hand are.

Where could Apple surprise us?

As the biggest Surprise Apple might introduce no less than the successor of the iPhone itself: for years, the group is working on a pair of glasses that could replace the Smartphone. Shortly before the Event, rumors came up again that the group wants to finally present it. You may be curious.

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