The expert advised not to trust the Internet too personal information

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the Head of the analytical center Zecurion, dealing with cybersecurity, Vladimir Ulyanov said the need to minimise public information about themselves on social networks.

He explained that the information transmitted in the Network, no longer belongs to the users. In case of a crack or leak it can be the intruders. The expert stressed that most of them are themselves employees of the resources, not hackers.

“If the service is trusted, then the data transfer. The same as, for example, do not use ATMs in dark corners. There can spyware be, and it’s physically unsafe. Same thing with Internet services”, – quotes its news Agency “national news service”.

Previously, cybersecurity experts have identified the most popular passwords last year. They consisted of the most simple combinations of keys: “123456” and “qwerty”. These passwords were popular among Internet users in 2018. Frequent password “password” and “111111”.

the Password “QWERTY” was the most popular among Russians. The list also included the password “love”, “Hello”, “Natasha”, “love”, “Maxim”, “Andrew” and “sun”.

an Expert in the field of information security Andrey Masalovich explained that the most important thing – not to use the same codes in different services. He warned that you cannot use a standard password: date of birth, phone number.

you should Not do and short passwords. Recommended length is eight characters or more. In combination needs to be one capital and one small letter, one digit and one special character. To change the passwords every six months.

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