The French President Emmanuel Macron, and the Minister of defence of Germany, France and Spain have unveiled at the Le Bourget airport in Paris, the sculpture of a combat aircraft of the sixth Generation. The Future Air Combat System (FCAS) is located in the centre of the European air arms. In 20 years it should be at the core of the European air weapons.

in fact, it is not a replica of the future fighter, the Future Air Combat System is still far from a Blueprint to show for it. The sculpture was built, to the political prominence of anything at all to Watch the show. It takes only General forms of a Military aircraft. And because it was just created for the cardboard-Jet, a swarm of unmanned drones to accompany the Fighter.

the backdrop for the framework agreement

The Minister of defence, Ursula von der Leyen and Florence Parly under a framework agreement, the basic rules for the cooperation project, as well as an implementing agreement for the first phase of the study, signed in Paris sets. The Spanish defence Minister, Margarita Robles joined the agreement. The interest of Spain is a good sign for the project, after the British Partner is gone at the beginning of the year lost.

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2026 to stand out, first demonstrators, the head of the Airbus armor division Dirk Hoke. Together with Dassault CEO Eric Trappier, he said that the Fighter stealth will have properties. “Stealth properties our principal.” Also, when you model the weapons innerbords were installed to keep the radar shadow small.

Stealth Jet : Expensive, awesome and full of glitches – the controversial F-35 project Fullscreen

ready Tarnkappenjet A F-35 during a test flight In the variant F-35A, the modern U.S. is now in use.


The Fighter of the sixth Generation will be far more than a mere replacement for the French Rafale and the German Eurofighter with the European air travel industry wants to get in for the first time in the stealth technology. In addition to the FCAS-Jet swarms of them are drones, unmanned journeymen, including state of the art missiles, which are connected via a sophisticated Command and Control network to each other are.

By the light of the foregoing, there currently exists in Europe. The FCAS project sounds like a huge leap, ultimately, the Europeans want to build here only on technologies that will introduce the United States with the F-35 and the B-21 Bomber far earlier. In terms of combat aircraft and avionics, Russia is anything other than a step backwards. But, looking to the difficulties of the development of the Russian Stealth jet Sukhoi Su-57, it is rather unlikely that the European project is smoothly completed. Rather one should with massive delays and cost increases expected.

The United States are far ahead of the

of The European Fighter faces several problems, all of which are due to the late Start of the project. This is most obvious in the F-35. Even if the F-35 is currently still plagued by childhood diseases, one can assume that the American Jet will reach full operational readiness before a Demonstrator of the Future Air Combat System will fly. Then the F-35 can have a clear and verifiable performance profile, that you will deliver at the time of order, while FCAS can only make promises for a distant future.

Not least of all, US President, Trump sees itself as the first aircraft, the seller and use its Power consistently in order to promote the sale of the Fighters. With success, in addition, the rising piece, the F-35 numbers in the production will always be cheaper. The aggressive sales policy of the Trump-government has led to the price of the F-35 is already down 25 percent compared to the peak.

How stealth is stealth in the year 2040?

the second Problem is the stealth technology is. Who designed today, a Jet such as the FCAS, on the assumption that it is in the year 2040 will not be possible to aircraft with a small radar shadow track. Invisible these Jets are in fact not. China and Russia – competition powers to the United States – are working incessantly on methods, this track aircraft in ways other than in conventional radar band. Both countries claim that they have succeeded in already. So Russia’s defense system S should be able to take 400 today Stealth Jets in sight.

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France and Germany want to develop a Stealth Fighter. The System should prove Europe’s independence. The project entails a lot of risks.

Gernot Kramper