In the last days of December, the Chaos Computer Club of the networked society traditionally holds the mirror: From today, around 16,000 visitors gather at the annual Convention of hackers taking place as in the previous year in Leipzig.

the hacker Congress has Begun with the demand for unfettered access to all results of scientific research. The current struggle between scientists in Germany and large publishing houses to “Open Access” – so a free access to publications – find worldwide attention, said the library scientist at the Forschungszentrum Jülich, Claudia Frick, on Thursday at the “Chaos Communication Congress”.

The debate has received in the past week, a new dimension, after the Max-Planck-society had decided to let the contract with the international science publisher Elsevier at the end of this year to expire, and, together with the higher education institutions in Germany launched an Initiative for free access to publications. This Open-Access Initiative, called Deal is supported by the Alliance of German science organisations. During the talks between Elsevier and the Deal were suspended in July 2018 in the dispute on the terms and conditions, to take you with the scientific publishers Springer and Wiley.

“We need to tear down the Paywall to scientific publications”, called Frick. In the face of challenges such as climate change, there is as never before on a wide-ranging discussion of research results. If 72 per cent of the scientific publications are only for a lot of money accessible, is a pity that the development of society. In the collaboration of science learning, and libraries, Frick sees great potential to reform the existing System for publications, without sacrificing the quality of scientific publications is an indispensable quality of limit control.

a Total of more than 160 lectures and Workshops. The topics covered range from digital home (Smart Home) on the Penetration into the iPhone operating system iOS or the artistic abilities of robots to a lecture about hacker ethics. Of course, it goes back to the period subject of Surveillance, such as in the case of the new police laws in several States, in the Review of the electronic patient record, or to the Blockade of the communication service, Telegram in Russia.

An exciting topic of IT security, the vein recognition, which is considered to be one of the safest biometric method for identifying people in this year. Two Berlin-based hackers want to show how you have this cracked.

Of the 35. Time to be held at the end of the Chaos Communication Congress, in short, 35c3, is one of the largest Hacker gatherings in the world. The four-day event is long sold out and re-grown to around 1000 visitors more than last year.