The Apple Store will re-open, but will not be allowed inside without a mask

Apple intends to resume work on 25 branded stores in the U.S. and 12 in Canada after the middle of March closed them all because of the epidemic COVID-19. However, employees and buyers will have to follow new requirements.

So, to be in Apple Store without a mask will be banned. Buyers who have that remedy with me will be, will be given a mask at the entrance. There to measure the temperature noncontact thermometer.

as an additional precaution in the shops will be placed posters with a list of symptoms COVID-19 – notice them or had recent contact with patients will be asked to leave. All of these measures are listed in addressed to the purchasers a letter published on the website of “Apple” of the company.

Also, the company promises to thoroughly clean all surfaces interact with buyers. Since the Apple Store people come in the first place, to hold the device in the hands before making a decision to buy, wipe down all the exposed samples have almost every minute.

For those who want to avoid being in the room with other people and contact with sales assistants, Apple first start to sell the device contactless – pack with the purchase of bear made the order to the buyer on the street in front of the store.

Text: To.Hi-tech