So, practically, mobile phones are – they all have a disadvantage: your small Display. At the latest when you need to compose a longer E-Mail, your social networks, or even just a few pages to read in your favorite book, a large screen is much easier on the eyes. And here’s Tablets come into play: you have a considerably larger Display than ordinary Smartphones and are just as good to Write, Surf, read and Play. If you are not too high technical requirements for the PC-have a replacement cost of a Tablet under 100 Euro. Three of them, we present to you today.

1. Lenovo Tab10

The Lenovo Tab10 has a ten inch large HD Display. With a Gigabyte of RAM, the Tablet is not very fast, the battery lasts up to ten hours. This is sometimes the operating system Android 8.0 Oreo Go – a stripped-down Version that uses less processing power than the normal Android operating system. A further plus point of the Tablet gets under $ 100 for its family-friendly Benefits: If your kids want to use the device, you can create different Profiles and customize.

Technical Details:

10-inch HD display, Quad-Core processor (1.3 GHz)memory: 1 GB of RAM memory capacity: 16 GB connectivity: Bluetooth battery run time: up to 10 hours, 7000 meal delivery: Lenovo Tab 10, power adapter, USB Cable2. Amazon Fire HD 8

The Display is slightly smaller than the Lenovo Tab10, the battery life for the same. The Amazon Fire HD 8 with its internal storage capacity, which has only 16 gigabytes of scores, however – against a surcharge – through the built-in microSD card slot to up to 400 gigabytes and can be expanded. Also the Display, which can compete in terms of contrast and brightness, with more expensive models is noteworthy. The only downside is the charging time of the tablet: about five hours, you need a long breath.

Technical Details:

8-inch HD display memory capacity: 16 GBArbeitsspeicher: 1.5 GB RAMAkkulaufzeit: up to 10 Hours2 megapixel front camera and rear 2-MP-camera Quad-Core processor (1.3 GHz)3. Huawei Mediapad T3

This is an even smaller device than the two predecessors, however, the Huawei Mediapad T3 can keep up with the competition. Due to its low resolution of 1024 by 600 pixels, the Tablet is not suitable, although as good for Gaming and viewing photos, but to Write or read from all. The eight-Gigabyte internal memory can be expanded up to 128 gigabytes, in addition, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei offers a battery life of almost seven hours. For a Tablet under 100 Euro is still a solid performance.

Technical Details:

7-inch IPS display memory capacity: 8 GBArbeitsspeicher: 1 GB RAMAkkulaufzeit: approx. 7 hours dual Band WiFi 2.4 GHz & 5 GHzQuad-Core processor (1.3 GHz) 4. Amazon Fire 7

The model is a bit older, and more precisely it came in 2017 on the market, however the Tablet are still, such as with his up to eight hours of battery life. Even if the Quad-Core processor not the fastest, and the resolution (1024 times 600 pixels) is quite low, can be extended to 16 gigabytes of small internal memory, for example, up to 512 Gigybyte. For this you only need a microSD card. All in all, the Amazon Fire 7 is certainly not the jauntiest model, but one of the best.

Technical Details:

7-inch-IPS-Display16 GB or 32 GB internal memory, Quad-Core processor with 1.3 GHz1 GB RAMRückseitige 2-MP-camera 720p HD front camera 5. ibowin 10.1

In this model, it is not a pure Tablet, but a 3G phone with two SIM Card slots – for this reason, a SIM-card adaptor is included in the scope of delivery. With a better resolution (1280 times 800 pixels) and a faster processor (1.5 GHz) than the Fire 7 the ibowin 10.1 is also a bit more expensive, but it also has got a large Display like the Lenovo Tab10 – and it’s still quite cheap for a Tablet of this size.

Technical Details:

10-inch Display1,5 GHz Quad-Core Prozessor2 GB of RAM32 GB of internal SpeicherDas may also be interested in:Apple Pencil-Alternatives: Three pins in the comparison of these alternatives Multiroom solutions with Sonos on

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