If it is hot, suffering of many people. Poor sleep and constant sweating beat on the mind. Also technical devices, such as Smartphones, Laptops or Tablets under the temperatures of your limit, you can forget quickly. We will reveal how you can protect your art from heat damage.

the devices will be worn in the summer especially, has several reasons. The most important of all: Smartphone, Tablet and co. produce a lot of heat and can make the heat even worse. The long-term can cause damage to the battery or in the extreme case, even to the heat-death of the device. The trade magazine “Connect” has collected tips for the right way to deal with the high temperatures.

air conditioners air conditioners – so easy you can the sun even in the greatest heat re-cooling to sleep By Gernot Kramper No!

The most important thing: technology should not be directly exposed to the sun. The devices heat up even faster, the popular black housing will enhance the effect even once. The Smartphone should, therefore, prefer to stay in the pocket or under a dry towel, if it is not in use. A protective cover can also protect against Sand and dust. High quality Smartphones and Tablets are often protected from dust and water.

Longer term: 14 battery Tricks: this is the iPhone lasts longer Fullscreen

Trick 1: Faster Loading, most of The Apple Fans own more than one device from Cupertino. If you call, so in addition to the iPhone and an iPad of their Own, there is a quick charging method: Use it instead of the iPhone-the network part of the of the iPads. Thanks to the higher strength of current, the iPhone charges significantly faster. Fully the is not recommended but, unfortunately, The battery suffers in the long term and keeps up with the time will be shorter.

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it is also Very important to let the technology in a car. The interior heats up in the sun very quickly. Especially under the glass pane in the Front quickly in extreme temperatures can prevail – then the plastic can melt and even.

it Should be not to prevent, to the devices directly in the heat, we recommend “Connect” for technique Junkies is probably the most difficult step: switch off. Then the device produces no heat. Also, the Charge in the heat, one should avoid for this reason.

If it is too late: rather slowly,

a device Is overheated, in spite of precautions, should we not cool it with drastic means, according to the experts. A visit to the fridge lowers afloat, the temperature, the fast exchange but increases the risk of condensation formation in the interior. Is better, Computer or Smartphone, simply switch off and allow to cool slowly.

Many devices have warning signs for Overheating. The fan turn the Laptop on maximum performance, you should treat him in a hot environment prefer to take a break. Many Tablets and Smartphones to warn your users also Are about to overheat the iPhone or iPad, turn off by itself and can only be Reached usable temperature again.

source: Connect