On Monday it is to the extent that: Under the Motto “It’s Show Time” invites Apple to “Steve Jobs Theatre” in the local Cupertino. The star will be live reports on-the-spot, when Apple introduces there its long-awaited streaming service. It quickly became clear: Despite numerous rumors of new iPads, Airpods, and iMacs, there should be at the Event, no new Hardware. But Apple wouldn’t be Apple if it would not have accommodated the upcoming new products, nevertheless, clever. to present

Instead, the devices extensively on the stage, decided to Apple for actually unglamorous variant and grabbed you just in your own Shop. To have everything show up at once, but would have been too easy. So we opted for a kind of advent calendar. Day-to-day, the group unveiled this week the new products. On Monday, two iPads arrived yesterday, iMacs, and today, the AirPods. From the rumor mill, only the iPod Touch and the wireless charging Mat AirPower missing now, you will be expected for the next two days.

wireless headphones Same Look, new Features: Apple’s new AirPods Clever strategy

, has The unusual strategy for Apple, with many advantages. On Monday, you can attend without distraction to the important streaming service, has a lot of room for the self-produced series, without having a product of the marathon to handle.

Also, none of the new products is so spectacular that you will have to show it on the stage. The new iPad Mini is the first Update of the series since 2015, except for the small form factor with a 7.9-inch Display, it differs but little from the recent iPads. On the stage the would have been as a new feature, rather skinny. Also faster processors in the iMac or Siri via voice activation when the AirPods are logical developments that do not need long explanations. The products are all clearly better than the predecessor, a new story to tell.

Probably that’s why Apple decided to release the new products one after the other in one’s own Shop up. So each of the products had got his attention, while you would otherwise probably have been dealt with in a single go. And: Every day there was at the relevant pages New to Apple to read. Even the small changes have been made to the great theme, the excitement is held until Monday at the cook. Hype can be just none as good as Apple. Beyond the big stage.

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