With a new invention, want to make British researchers data storage is faster and more durable. The new carrier would also consume considerably less energy than conventional technologies, writes in the journal “Scientific Reports”.

Common memory technologies such as DRAM, and, for example, in a USB stick, used Flash memory could be replaced by the new development, because the invention of the kidney on the Strengths of both combined, – quotes the magazine a involved scientists from the Lancaster University in the UK. In addition, the energy consumption would be reduced by the new memory at maximum power in a data center by one fifth. The development is already patented.

With the new technology provided Computer no longer would have to go up and could go unnoticed turn into sleep mode to save energy. In addition, said the devices have a storage time in excess of the age of the universe, the researchers said.

so Far, the slower Flash used Chips for the long-term Store data for memory – for example, in Computer-operating systems – faster DRAM Chips.