Noctua Reveals Pumpless AIO Liquid Cooler Prototype Using Evaporative Cooling

Noctua, a well-known brand for air coolers, showcased a groundbreaking prototype of an AIO liquid cooler at Computex in collaboration with Calyos. This innovative cooler utilizes dual-phase thermosiphon cooling to effectively dissipate heat from a CPU.

The prototype consists of a heat spreader, tubes, and a radiator (or condenser) filled with evaporative coolant. When the CPU generates heat, a chemical reaction occurs within the liquid, transforming it into a hot evaporative fluid. This fluid then rises to the condenser, where it is cooled and converted back into a liquid. Gravity then cycles the cooled liquid back down to the heat spreader connected to the CPU.

While evaporative cooling is not a new concept, it has not been widely utilized in the AIO liquid cooling market. Noctua’s pumpless design offers several advantages, including silent operation (apart from the fans) and potentially superior performance compared to traditional air coolers. However, the risk of leaks remains a concern.

Noctua has not disclosed specific performance metrics for the prototype, as it is still in the early development stage with no confirmed release date or pricing. Despite this uncertainty, the prospect of Noctua entering the AIO liquid cooler market with a unique and innovative product is exciting for consumers.

Stay tuned for further updates on Noctua’s groundbreaking liquid cooler prototype and its potential impact on the cooling industry.

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**Source: Tom’s Hardware**