gradually, the Japanese games developer Nintendo brings its classics to mobile devices: in the course of this month, an offshoot of the popular racing game series, follows with “Mario Kart Tour”. The release date is for the 25. September is recognized, however, the game is already in the App Stores for iOS and Android devices listed.

family life Klum Mario Kart games and Tom Kaulitz’s steep, “Mario Kart” Tour: Free, but with In-App purchases

unlike on games consoles such as the Nintendo Switch does not need to give gamers in this game, even Gas Karts of plumber Mario and his companions travel in the Version of the App automatically. Players can control only the direction of travel, with a Finger or by Tilting the smartphone or tablet. Well-known Items such as banana peels, by the competitors to Skid, and so on. The tracks-repertoire consists of well-known Rennkursen from previous Games and new, of real cities inspired slopes. Particular Challenges to bring a fresh Wind in the well-known racing game.

“Mario Kart Tour,” should in principle be free of charge for Smartphones and Tablets available, however, the Japanese development Studio continues to the Pay-To-Win strategy, As it should be allegedly possible that players can buy for real money, vehicles and parts, which could get you in the race of advantages.

source: Nintendo

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