IPhones can become completely wireless

Apple, deprived in 2016, the iPhones 3.5-mm audio input for headphones, eventually can make their devices completely wireless. The models of the future probably won’t even port for charging and data transfer. This opinion was expressed by a leading Twitter account under the name Fudge.

According to him, conditional iPhone 12, which will be released this fall, will be the last smartphones Apple Lightning ports. Already in 2021-m iPhone 13 will get smart magnetic interface Smart Connector – the iPad Pro, which will make obsolete all the accessories that use the Lightning port.

a Similar statement previously made by respected analyst TF International Securities Min Chi Kuo, not just give correct predictions on future Apple news. He expects completely wireless would be at least one, the older model iPhone 13.

Shame the USB-c prototype iPhone 12’s arent making it to production. 1 more year of lightning ∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎

Oh well, at least smart connector on series 13

– Fudge (@choco_bit) May 25, 2020

the Emergence of “smart” connector, which allows you to easily connect keyboards and other accessories, waiting for the iPhone for more than five years. It can be located in place of the tray for SIM-cards, which will move to the opposite end.

last week, Kuo speculated that the iPhone 12 this year can remain without wired headphones EarPods included. The expert explained that the desire by Apple to spur sales of wireless AirPods, so boxed staretgy model it will be simply unprofitable.

Text: To.Hi-tech