On 3. June: on this day, On the developer’s fair WWDC Apple shows off its latest Software-magic. This year, you may well be curious about the new iPhone – and iPad-iOS 13. Because Apple has made quite a lot, say several Leaks. Among other things, about the most well-informed pages “Bloomberg” and “9to5mac” of insiders have a wide variety of innovations.

After Apple focused in iOS 12 last year, especially on the optimization and the elimination of defects, the Leaks, once again major Changes to the Plan. If you Worry about a slower System, but may be optimistic: Also iOS 13 to claiming the devices, not slower, but faster to make, “Bloomberg”. In addition, Apple leads finally to a System-wide dark mode, which sets everything in front of a dark Background and in low light easier on the eyes. Many other minor innovations, you find in the list below.

Apple operating system: iOS 12: the ten hidden Features you should Fullscreen

Siri know thinks

With iOS 12 Siri learns how to properly – and helps across the System with useful suggestions. A practical example: you have missed a call and not respond, suggests Siri is now equal to the Homescreen before the recall.

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The biggest Changes are in the iPad. After Apple had marketed it in the last year even more as an Alternative to the Computer, now re-tighten the Software. Apple back plans therefore, an improved Multitasking, a new Homescreen, as well as the ability to switch between different Windows of the same App – Panels called switch. The Panels should be arranged freely. So you can actually like on a computer.

But the step in the direction of the Computer is not limited to the iPad itself. With the new System it will pair with a Mac, and then as a second screen to use. The content will be expanded to the iPad, Mac notifications also run on the Tablet. The biggest highlight: The iPad can be used as a drawing tablet for the Computer.

the New System is Faster, safer, smarter – the new iOS 12 make your iPhone better By Malte Mansholt

In the longer term, significantly greater Changes are still required. In the autumn of Apple’s Mac should be a calculator in the iPad Apps. This will make it not only easier to develop Apps for both systems. Apple creates an incentive for the developer to first develop the iPad App – and to provide the Tablet with more Apps. In the future, Apple will want to go further: Even iPhone Apps come to the Mac, starting in 2021 the programs for all three systems to be combined in a single App.

iOS 13: These improvements come to the iPhone and iPadDie revised Health App is to come up with a better breakdown of the health-related data. New about a “hearing health”, in the volume of the headphones heard music and the ambient sounds are of the day be considered. Also, the menstrual cycle should be better trackable by external Apps such as Clue or Flo to be involved.Who often uses the reminder App, then you’ll love the revised Version. In a new Overview To be displayed in four areas-Dos for the current day, as all the other forthcoming, as well as particularly marked memories. The user can add his Reminder any of the different colours draw areas.Also, the maps App gets an Update. So Apple wants to make it easier to frequently visited places. Also, users should be able to add places in a group together.Parents can determine with a new Feature in Screentime, who can contact children at a certain time. Whether this also works for third-party Messenger such as Whatsapp, is not known.The Mail App will allow in the future to make individual conversations mute, to block certain contacts as well as to sort mail easier, in the folder.New books in the App to encourage the users to read by introducing a reward system.A new sleep mode combines the Not-Interfere with the night mode. The iPhone then turns to the sleep time into sleep-mode and only lets the user selected messages and phone calls. At the same time, the display on the lock will dim the screen.A Download folder to make the files from the Safari Browser, easier, manageable. The files App is to learn and get better with Third-party Apps to work together.The function for the iPhone-search the App “friends”, you can share to his friends, the location” will be United in the future in a single App. According to “9to5mac”, you can also physical devices to add, for example, to be attached to a backpack.The Home App to control the smart home should be able to integrate with iOS 13 direct security cameras and also older records show.The “Share”function to make it easier to send photos or Links to other. So the Software users to propose, to which you send data more frequently.WatchOS 6: The new Apple Watch

The Apple Watch will be in the future more independent from the iPhone. Furthermore, Apple relies on its own App Store, which can be used in the LTE-Version also on the way. The current, somewhat annoying to Charge the Watch App, the iPhone will be omitted.

in Addition, Apple wants to introduce new Apps such as a calculator, new Health Apps, which are reminiscent of the medications and the cycle, and an audiobook App. Also, the voice recording App on the iPhone is to come for the watch.

Who likes to chat on the clock, now also on the iPhone known Animoji and stickers on the wrist. And of course, there are also some new watch faces to choose from.

sources: Bloomberg, 9to5mac