Huawei released the

Huawei has simplified the lives of the owners of their smartphones without Google’s services like maps, mail and YouTube. We are talking about the new “superpilot” Petal Search, which offers users a more convenient way to search and download the missing programs.

Recall that due to the restrictive measures imposed by the US authorities, the Chinese manufacturer has lost the right to preinstall Google’s services on new devices. Therefore, all new Huawei began to do “Assistant”, “Maps” and Google Play, and their own mobile services (Mobile Services Huawei) – with assistant Celia, maps TomTom and store AppGallery, where you can download new applications.

However, the use of AppGallery not so convenient – there is limited search capabilities of the programs, and they are still not as many as in Google Play. Install Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram, you can, but they will have to look and upload to the device manually. New product – Petal Search – partly solves this problem.

He Petal Search available in AppGallery as a “superpriority” combining multiple services. The most important is the ability to easily search for and download the necessary software from third-party sources. The user can download the desired app directly from the AppGallery, and in his absence in the catalogue – go to a different store (for example, APKPure) and install the APK file from there.

in Addition to searching and downloading programs, Petal Search allows you to search the Internet for music, video and pictures, to get acquainted with the weather forecast and read news reports, and book tickets, tables in restaurants and rooms in hotels. Newthe position and function yet may not be available in all countries.

Text: To.Hi-tech