With three months of delay, the frigate “Helge Ingstad met” the Royal Norwegian Navy in their home port. However, not from our own strength, but on Board of the salvage ship “Boabarge 33”.

On may 8. November 2018, the Pride of the Navy had collided with the Tanker “Sola TS”. A number of difficult-to-understand breakdowns and carelessness on Board of the warship led to the accident. The “Helge Ingstad” had been shut down, among other things, the own positioning signal. Also, the helmsman should not have observed on the bridge, the positioning data of other ship and the Radar. They practiced the Navigating point of view, and in the case of this risky maneuver is another error happened to you: you saw the brightly-lit tankers, stopped him, however, for an Installation on the mainland.

construction defects in the frigate

So it came to collision, and later the ship sank. To the rapid demise, in turn, of construction defects in the ship’s fault, concerning the whole class of frigates. It was not possible to limit the falling water as is actually provided to individual sections of the ship.

On the 26. February has begun, the ship’s first lift and heave on the van “Boabarge 33”.

warship “Helge Ingstad” backup to weak – Norwegian frigate sunk By Gernot Kramper

Previously, ammunition, missiles and torpedoes from the wreck were salvaged. The collision and the accompanied sinking of the ship were of terrible mishaps. The salvage operation itself went smoothly. “This is a great feeling. After we have moored in Haakonsvern, is the end of our Mission. The biggest Surprise of the good cooperation was, she was much better than expected,” said Penna of the salvage company Boa Management “There are many, make, now, well-deserved vacation.”

not Yet decided about the fate of the “Helge Ingstad”. In the photos, however, is to recognize that three months under water the ship visibly. The interior design, the machines and the generators and all of the electronics are likely to be over.

“Helge Ingstad” frigates-doom – crew mistook the Tanker with the mainland

Human error and a design error led to the sinking of the “Helge Ingstad”. The collision was caused by the crew, but after the collision, a construction error.

Gernot Kramper