Found a way to get applications on the smartphone classic icons

the smart phones now available a new online service Icon Rewind – a kind of “time machine”, which returns the application icons on the home screen in classic view. To see the original appearance of the icons for programs like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Netflix, Spotify, Snapchat, Facebook, Google+, Gmail, and Slack.

Icon Rewind allows you to look in an era when many logos, interfaces and design elements was large, and Apple adhered to the style and skeuomorph – that is, the imitation of objects from the real world (we can remember the texture of the leather stitching in Calendar, the wooden shelves in iBooks or tab of the notifications with the background “under jeans”).

for Example, before they started to dominate the “flat” design style, the YouTube icon was designed in the form of old TV, Instagram looked like a retro camera, and the logos of Netflix and PayPal cast a shadow.

the New service is available on iOS (works only with Safari browser) and Android. To get the old icons, you need to open website Icon Rewind from your mobile device and click on any of the icons. The service works only with those applications that are already installed on the smartphone.

In fact, retro icons work as shortcuts. If you press on them, the request is forwarded to the browser where it then starts the program itself. However, on some smartphones (e.g. Google Pixel 4) Rewind Icon may display under the shortcut icon Chrome, which is somewhat spoils the impression (as in the screenshot above).

Text: To.Hi-tech