Whether in the subway, at work or leisure: The view on the Smartphone for all of us to several a matter of course. And also in the Evening on the Couch or in bed is more geinstagramt, chatted or shopped – for many people until the device next to you in bed. This is not only because of the quality of sleep is not a good idea: The combination of Smartphones, Tablets, and especially Laptops, and beds is a real risk of fire.

again and again there are fires that are triggered by technology in the bed. Currently, for example, the Tablet of an Eleven-year-old broke out in his bed in flames. And also the police and the fire brigade have warned for years to take the devices to bed with you.

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Dangerous bed

enjoyed the reason for the danger of fire is easy to explain: The devices are not designed to lie on the soft fabric surface and overheat much more quickly. Tablets and Smartphones are designed in a way that the housing and heat the air. Lost in a fabric surface that is much worse is possible, under one head you can’t cool down cushion at all. At some point you can then heat the sensitive battery, bloat, and in extreme cases explode and a fire will produce.

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That does not happen in everyday life very often lies in the security measures of the devices. They are not being used, turn off in the Standby mode, the power consumption and thus heat generation is shut down. Also, turn off the power in case of Overheating most of the time. The battery is not defective, minimizes the risk so most successfully. An exception to the Charge: Here, the devices, and most of all for the battery to heat up, particularly strong, even in Standby mode, the fire risk is therefore particularly high. The New York police Department warned so explicitly in front of it, Smartphones in bed to recharge.

there are Also Laptops on the Couch

In the case of Laptops, the Situation is at risk even more dangerous. For one, they are designed explicitly to be used on smooth surfaces is used, the fan emit the heat in General is down and to the side. Who turns off his Laptop on the bed or – even worse – on a pillow, risked not only its heat-death, but also increases the risk of fire. Because the battery packs are Inside are significantly larger, is a Laptop-Explosion is also many times more dangerous than a Smartphone or Tablet.

The solution to the Problem is simple: Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops should never be lying in bed left and right not loaded. Instead, you should place them on a smooth surface such as a bedside table or a wooden floor for a night’s rest. If you want to use a Laptop on the Lap, you should grab on to the pillow. Remedy such as special Laptop-tablet – or simply a large-format book with a Hardcover.