The Russian air force experienced terrible moments in the last few weeks. Two fighter bomber the Su-34 crashed over the sea of Japan in the air, a machine was lost. A Tu-22M3 crashed on the 22. January 2019 at the air base Olenya. With a new Cruise Missile – the KH-32 – was this Bomber to the horror of the Western Navy. The high range of the Missile allows it, US carriers and other ships from a distance to attack. The extremely high speed of the KH-32 makes it impossible, in the final approach intercept.

The base of where the accident occurred, is located in the far North of the country in the vicinity of Murmansk. The machine burst while attempting to land despite poor visibility and heavy snowfall. Now a Video of the accident showed up, a soldier on the base, it must have taken.

problems and bad weather Against Trumps Armada With this rocket wants to demonize Putin aircraft carrier powder By Gernot Kramper

Apparently, it is not a normal landing, the high rate of descent of the jet in poor visibility indicates that the problems on Board of the machine. The plane sets up hard with the landing gear on the slopes. So hard that the cell has been compressed and a crack between the hull and the front section is formed with the Cockpit and the bow. To the crack, a fire immediately. The machine is divided into several sections, the wreck rises across the runway, fly up in a ball of fire. Three men of the crew died immediately, the commander was recovered with serious injuries.


the Start of a Tu-22M3.

©Alex Beltyukov/Wiki Commons Exercises under realistic conditions

The cause of the accident is currently unknown. It is only suspected that technical problems have forced the machine to an emergency landing. The weather conditions were added as a further factor. Currently, the activities of the Russian air force are on a very high level. At the beginning of 2019, the defense Ministry said in Moscow that the inserts are amplified in the high North and other major air forces in the Region moved. Many air movements are taking place over the Arctic, even in adverse weather conditions. Minister Shoigu announced that for the year 2019 for a variety of Exercises under realistic war conditions.

Marine armor With a hypersonic missile to sink Putin’s battle cruiser, the US carrier Of Gernot Kramper

Russian Authorities claimed that the machine had been unarmed. But that was probably a mistake. The Tu-22M has taken under the wings of Cruise Missiles and probably also the ammunition for the cannon on Board. The Tu-22M3 is used primarily as a Bomber against maritime. You are armed with the Kh-32 Missile. This weapon was made in 2018 and is regarded as the “Carrier Killer”.

The Tu-22M3 can launch the Kh-32 is far outside of the defense belt. The Missile approaches the target, to rise before the final approach to the 40,000 meters in height. Then she pounces with extreme speed to your destination.

modernization of the bomber fleet

The crashed Jet was produced 33 years ago, was renewed in 2012 but basic. Currently, about 30 copies of the Bombers will be converted to the latest model – the Tu-22M3M–. This Version will have improved avionics and more modern electronics.

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This Version should also Kinzhal-hypersonic missile (Kh-47M2) armed. The Bomber should then carry several Kinzhal missiles. In the case of the Kh-47M2 is a ballistic missile, which is launched in the air. The range should be more than 2000 kilometers. The Kinzhal is venturing into the speed range is beyond 10 times the speed of sound. With today’s weapons, you can’t stop.

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Gernot Kramper