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Apple may say that all iPhones are available


Apple may no longer claim in its patent dispute with the chip group Qualcomm, that after a sales ban on some older iPhone models in Germany, all phones, mobile providers and other traders.

This statement was misleading, ruled the regional court of Munich, according to dpa-information in a preliminary injunction at the request of Qualcomm.

Qualcomm had rode in December, a ban on the sale of the iPhone models 7, 8 and X in Germany. It was enforced at the beginning of January, after Qualcomm had deposited a security of 1.3 billion Euro for the case that Apple should win the appeal.

Apple had already declared in December that during the opposition proceedings in its own Stores, the iPhone 7 and 8 will not be available. The iPhone was replaced by Apple in its own offerings, with the new XS. In contrast, all models for network operators and Resellers would remain in 4300 locations available, it said. As the prohibition of the sale in January came into force, referred to the Apple once again to the opinion of December.

Qualcomm had referred, however, to the fact that Apple had been committed in the judgment of December also, the devices from the distribution channel to call back.

On Monday, the affected models of the iPhone remained on the Websites of many mobile phone providers and retailers can be ordered. This could be, for example, possible in that they are not obtained from Apple directly, but at intermediaries in other countries. For Qualcomm undermines a further sale of the devices, the effect of the judgment of December, for the chip group, a lot of money behind had to put.

The dispute began about two years ago, when Apple accused its supplier Qualcomm in a lawsuit brought by excessive and unfair License requirements for patents. The chip group countered with the accusation of patent infringement. In addition to Germany, there are procedures in China, a process in California is scheduled for mid-April.

a Parallel process to the application of the US Competition authority FTC against Qualcomm, in which it is the business model of the chip group-and thus also the relation to the Apple – and – runs in California.

Apple was there on Monday first, no comment on the injunction last Thursday. Qualcomm said at the weekend the financial service Bloomberg, the decision speak for themselves. The district court informed, it can give no information to the case.