Apple will assemble its new high-performance Computer Mac Pro in Texas. This was possible as a result of that, the group got an exception to the U.S. additional duties on Goods from China for several important components of the device.

the group said on Monday. Previously, it was mentioned in media reports, Apple wanted the Mac Pro in the future, in Asia as most of its devices.

in The iPhone group had started in 2013, the previous Generation of the Mac Pro in Texas to assemble. According to the media, had to beat Apple with various problems in the production of around reports, among other things, because the US infrastructure for electronics production is worse than in China.

Apple had introduced the first new model of the Mac Pro for six years at the beginning of June and the market introduction to the end of the year announced. The Computer is primarily intended for users with extremely high requirements for professional video editing. Thus, a high price of at least 5999 dollars. The current US additional duties can add 25 percent to the price of components or devices.

In the summer, the Mac Pro was still in the mills of the trade conflict between Washington and Beijing. US President, Donald Trump announced in July, the group will not get any relief or exemption from punitive duties on Chinese components for the device. “It builds in the U.S., no duties,” wrote Trump on Twitter. Apple CEO Tim Cook emphasized the pay a few days later, in the telephone conference to the current quarter, the group’s aim continues to be a mounting of the device in the United States. Cook met in August to a dinner with Trump.

The exemption from the additional customs duties Apple got for Chips and the Mac Pro enclosure. At the same time, the group stressed that the value of U.S. components in the new model is 2.5 Times higher than in the previous Generation. Sold in the United States devices containing components of more than a dozen American companies, it said without Details to versions for other countries.

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