A woman with the new Echo-Loop – a smart Ring with Alexa-access


How to have changed the times: As Amazon in the summer of 2015, his first Echo speakers in the living room of the United States, was the reviled voice assistant, Alexa as a bug for the living room. Now, four years later, become a smart speaker only salon capable of – the dulcet female voices, contrary to sound from nearly all everyday products. On request, soon, the voice of American actor, Samuel L. Jackson, as Amazon revealed.

Amazon, the living room in the world is not enough was already in the past year, as the group presented, among other things, an Alexa-enabled microwave. Their success seems to be manageable to have been. But the group didn’t seem to be discouraged: On Wednesday evening, German time, the group revealed in the company’s headquarters in Seattle, a whole series of new Alexa products.

speaker flood Amazon

of Course, there was again a new speaker to see. The Amazon Echo is now sound a little better, with the Echo of Flex, there is now a model for the outlet and the Echo Dot has a built-in clock. New the Echo Studio, a massive Box, the sound will adapt to the spatial conditions is. So Amazon is not challenging, only Apple’s HomePod, and the Google Home Max, but also the Wireless speaker from Sonos. The price is announcement with 200 euros is quite a battle, how good the speaker sounds in comparison, but the Tests show.

The looks but the three other devices attracted.

The glasses, which> is listening to

In the temples of small speakers, which you can listen to the announcements by Alexa stuck. Here, too, the Tests will show how well you can see the language assistant, in a noisy environment understand. The glasses can also be used for the Result of calls used, it is unclear, however, whether only the Alexa-internal call feature is supported.

Ring with a day of battery life

A product that probably no one has expected, is Echo-Loop – a smart Ring with Alexa-links. In him the microphone and speaker are also built in. As is the case with the glasses via Bluetooth connected to the Smartphone is required. Unlike the other Echo devices of the Ring to hear but not constantly, instead, Alexa, it must be with a push of a button activated. Anyone who wants can use the Echo Loop to use the Google’s Assistant or Apple’s Siri. The Ring has a vibration alarm that vibrates to Call in case of incoming Alexa.

Visually, the black titanium Ring is quite Intrusive, after all, he should be protected against water and does not need to be stored, therefore, when washing your hands. At the outlet it will be next to watch, a Smartphone, glasses, and headphones, however, soon to be full, because the battery life is supposed to be a day.

Both of the glasses, as well as in the Ring, it is still unclear whether you are coming to Germany.

competition for the AirPods

The third big new feature is the Echo of Buds are: These are wireless headphones, which should make Apple AirPods competition. Visually, they Orient themselves rather to the Galaxy Buds. Amazon promises a battery runtime of five hours of music streaming. The Case, which is significantly larger than the charging case Apple acts as a charger and will provide power for a further 15 hours.

In contrast to Apple AirPods the Echo of Buds to provide a noise suppression technique is provided by Bose. Given the compact Format, the noise suppression is not expected to reach the level of the great for commuters-popular Bose headphones. In noisy environments like the subway, you will hear the difference yet. In terms of price they are 129 dollars a little cheaper than Apple AirPods (159 dollars).

Amazon’s new strategy

With the new Alexa-Gadgets, Amazon is pursuing a clear strategy: to get out of the living room. Because so popular smart speaker might be, Amazon wins with you only a small insight into the everyday life of the people. Finally, the people hold only a few hours of the day in the living room or in the kitchen. The majority of the day you spend travelling, at work or asleep in bed.

The group is, however, need to learn as much as possible about its customers and – more importantly – their needs. With glasses, the Ring or headphones, some would say persecuted) Alexa accompanied (by the users on every step of the way. This may strange sound, but that was also when the first Echo is different. Whether smart glasses, and rings are similarly successful, it will show.

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