Everyone on social media is talking about Apple’s AirTag. Several Internet users are concerned about the use of this object by malicious people. Several women have indeed found the AirTag in their bag. To follow them? To locate their home? To harass them?

“Break the habit of losing everything. A simple slogan to understand the usefulness of the product. Using your iPhone’s “locate” app, the AirTag, attached to keys or just slipped into a bag, makes it easier to locate lost items. Released on April 30, 2021, it is available from 39 euros and offers a battery life of more than a year thanks to a standard, replaceable battery.

The tracking technology, on which the AirTag is based, can be a real danger. Presented on the American giant’s website as “the accessory to find everything”, it allows you to find your exact position at any time. And therefore potentially following someone! On social networks, several people testify to bad experiences with the object that some women have found in their bag or personal belongings. Apple’s self-defense claims that “if another person’s AirTag ends up in your stuff, your iPhone will detect it and let you know.” After a while, if you still haven’t found it, that AirTag will start ringing to alert you to its presence. These alerts only trigger if an AirTag is separated from its owner. »

This is not the first time that people have reported cases of illegal surveillance. In the United States, in February 2023, singer Alison Carney found an AirTag in her bag. He had been dropped off by his former girlfriend.

AirTags were also able to save a donation for Turkey after the February 2023 earthquake. Mexican journalist Pamela Cerdeira hid an AirTag in rice and a packet of toilet paper rolls to ensure her packages arrived safely. port. Thanks to Apple’s object, she realized that the objects sent had never arrived to help the victims. Worse, they had never left Mexico and had even been resold in markets. Thanks to the product, she was able to recover half of her donations.