While the identity of the future Paris Saint-Germain coach is still not known, the name of Zinédine Zidane has come back insistently in the last 24 hours. The former number 10 of the Blues and true icon of French football would thus be on the starting blocks to bounce back a year after his departure from Real Madrid. If his arrival can represent a great opportunity for Ligue 1 after Kylian Mbappé’s extension, not everyone is of this opinion, especially in the south of France. Born in Marseille and assimilated to the popular district of Castellane, Zinédine Zidane would see his image damaged if he agreed to join the club of the capital.

For Idriss Kasmi, journalist at Le Phocéen and interviewed by Le Point, the possibility of seeing the native of Marseille on the PSG bench is still a blow. “As a Marseillais, it sure hurts a little bit. Even if he never played for OM, he still embodied the city and in particular the northern districts, being one of the best players of all time. “In an interview, precisely, with the Phocéen, Zidane had however declared a few months ago that he would have liked to wear the colors of OM. “During my career, I had no regrets. Because I was busy and I played in clubs where I was good. But with hindsight, it’s true that as a Marseillais I was in the stands very young. For a long time, I said my dream was to be there. »

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Why does the man who won three Champions Leagues as a Real Madrid coach decide to join the Parisian armada? The reasons are multiple: between his strong ties with Qatar for a decade and a staggering salary, as well as the stability of Didier Deschamps’ position as coach of the France team, Zidane must take his troubles patiently before leading the Blues. “You have to be cynical, that’s what football has taught us recently,” added Idriss Kasmi. There are no values ​​and attachments. There are only tickets. Zidane was waiting for the right moment, we know that the Qataris have wanted him for 15 years. He was an ambassador for this country’s bid for the 2022 World Cup. He could even have become its coach. He said no until the check was no longer dishonourable. Good for him, too bad for us! »

Same story with Hugo, an OM supporter who regularly attends his team’s matches at the Vélodrome. “Money can buy everything unfortunately in football. We will be very disappointed if that happens, but we will quickly move on. The symbol of seeing Zidane at OM, for the first time on the bench of an L1 club, would have been great. But we cannot compete with the means of Qatar. It would be very weird all the same to have to whistle him at the next OM-PSG. »

Last February, Zinédine Zidane returned to the footsteps of his childhood at La Castellane. In the neighborhood, he was referred to as a “hero” and a “true living legend”. Can this formidable popularity rating swing the other way if he were to lead Messi, Neymar