Apple’s high-screwed the reward for finding security vulnerabilities in its Software on up to a Million dollars. This amount should there be for especially serious vulnerabilities that an attacker without the Intervention of the user at the core of the operating system could access.

so Far, you could get at Apple a maximum of $ 200,000 “Bug-Bounty”, while on the market in the form of millions of iPhone vulnerabilities were offered. There are all the rewards in the future, only for the gaps in the iPhone System, iOS, but also in Software from other Apple devices.

For vulnerabilities that are found in pre-release versions of new operating systems, it puts Apple once again 50 percent, as the responsible Manager Ivan Krstic on the night of Friday, the IT security conference Black hat have announced in Las Vegas.

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get can in Addition, experts from next year for their Investigation, specially prepared iPhones with freer access to the System than in consumer devices to get.

The finder’s fee is graduated according to the Severity of the vulnerabilities. Thus, for example, premiums of up to $ 100,000, if you make it through the lock screen or finds a way, via a crafted App with valuable data for users to approach. Also unauthorized access to iCloud account that data on Apple servers is treated in a similar way. Up to $ 500,000, the group is the note on the gaps in security costs, through which an attacker can come across the network to users information. Previously, the rewards were 25,000 to 200,000 across the Bank is significantly lower.

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Apple is the security of the data especially in the case of the iPhone, a major selling point. The group operates a high level of effort, among other things, with a separate vault in the processor. Apple risked so 2016 is also a legal dispute with the FBI: The company refused to write a Software with which you could have a locked iPhone crack.

At the same time, there are companies that claim to be able to discovered security gaps in the protection mechanisms of the iPhone as a lever. Such companies offer their services, typically security authorities. Also, the FBI came at the time according to its own information with the help of such a service provider to the destination.

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