Have you ever thought of your home for short term rental to offer? According to FeWo-direkt®, one of the leading Online Websites for holiday homes, can earn homeowners in Munich every year, up to 15.703 €* rental income.

apartments and holiday houses for the past few years, increasingly popular and many homeowners are taking advantage of the financial benefits of a rental. The extra income is a welcome subsidy for retirement or simply a way to save for future expenses.

ski season draws guests to Munich

Winter is the case of residences, a particularly lucrative time for the renting of holiday in Munich. Since the ski season is in front of the door, are asked at FeWo-directly destinations in ski resorts, such as Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Oberstdorf, Oberjoch and the Allgäu region, is particularly strong.

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For landlords is reflected in higher rental rates and more reservations. Therefore, Apartment recommends direct home owners to advertise before the beginning of the ski season, from December to be able to from the increased demand benefit.

FeWo-directly assists in the Start-as a landlord

no rental experience? FeWo-direkt offers everything you need for a successful Start in the landlord-existence. Aye Helsig, Regional Director Central Europe at FeWo-directly says: “Our goal is to own a home will help owners to to hit the simplest way to capital. As soon as a property in FeWo-in is directly inserted, we are working the holiday makers to address the fit of the respective object, and to maximize the bookings and rental income for home owners.”

Are you curious, how much could you earn? Then take a look at below www.fewo-direkt.de/lyp the Mietpotenzial of your home.

Now, average rental income

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*the annual income of 99 nearby accommodation with similar guests have evaluated capacity. The estimate represents the average sales of the Top 15% of accommodations, your accommodation are similar. Estimates can be adjusted on the basis of Feedback from owners. The estimates were converted from U.S. dollars at a rate of 0,88130 Euro per Dollar. We point out that the estimate is provided to you for informational purposes only and is not a professional analysis of your personal real estate situation comes and, therefore, no guarantee of performance. You are always free to choose the price that is displayed for your accommodation. Revenue from rentals is subject to the local laws and taxes.