Digital assistant “Alice” was the first application of its kind, able to generate images at the user’s request. About it Вестям.Ru reported in “Yandex”.

Feature work in “Yandex.Browser” and mobile app of the Russian search engine. To use it, it is enough to say “Alice, draw deserted beach” or “Alice, draw the bear.” Moreover, the voice assistant is ready to try to portray something abstract – such as love, happiness, or quarantine.

“Happiness”. Author – “Alice”Yandex“Quarantine”. Author – “Alice”Yandex“In the style of van Gogh.” Author – “Alice”Yandex

Every time the same query “Alice” will try to create a new image, without repeating. The result can be downloaded to a computer or smartphone and treat it in its sole discretion.

the new function thanks to the “cooperation” of the two neural setae. One of them “showed” a multitude of works of artists of the XX century and learn to create paintings. The second is trained on search queries and is able to compare the semantic proximity of images and words – in the end, she determines what is depicted in the paintings created by the first neural network.

Other works, created by “Alisa”, can be viewed at this link.

In “Yandex” I remind you that “Alice” “always been partial to art, she knew about art and could talk about the works of famous masters”. For example, if you show her random photos, she can call him similar to the picture.

Text: News.Hi-tech