the Possibility of simultaneous viewing of videos, TV shows and movies simultaneously by multiple users with different devices implemented a platform of “Yandex.Video”. This is stated in the message a press-services of a search engine.

For “movie nights on udalenke” fit video, accompanied by a mark “Watch with friends”. Clicking on it takes the user to a preview page where by sending a link to invite others. Find support a new feature of the content by simply typing in a search string “Yandex” or “Yandex.Video” query “watching together.”

the Interface of collective video (screenshot above, you can enlarge by clicking on it) includes a chat where you can discuss what they saw in real time. When someone wants to pause, you need to ask the organizer of the viewer – playback controls there.

“Watch together” can be any of the rollers from Yandex.Ether and a few thousand movies and series from the library service “Kinopoisk HD”. Some of them can be viewed only by subscribing or by making a one-time cost. To promote a new feature, the promo code SMOTRIMVMESTE “Kinopoisk” gives 45 days subscription anyone who has not yet issued.

Text: To.Hi-tech