Xiaomi will release a fitness bracelet that measures oxygen in the blood

the Next generation of fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 5 — get sensor to determine the level of blood oxygen saturation. Built-in pulse oximeter is particularly useful in a pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19: he will be able to notice the first signs of ill health even before the manifestation of any symptoms.

a New sensor in the Mi Band 5 will be able to measure the percentage of oxyhemoglobin in arterial blood (SpO2). That is the level of saturation or blood oxygen saturation — the doctors decide whether the patient’s oxygen supply and the connection to the ventilator. Normal SpO2 for healthy person is considered to be 95% and above of oxyhemoglobin, anything below 90% may indicate the onset of hypoxemia, or insufficient oxygen in the blood.

in Addition to the SpO2-sensor to the new tracker Xiaomi promise large, 1.2-inch screen with a narrower frame (the predecessor — by 0.95 inch) and a tracking of the menstrual cycle, according to Tizenhelp.

international model Mi Band 5 will receive the support of NFC chip for contactless payments and the voice assistant Amazon Alexa. Earlier owners of the device can talk only with the assistant Xiao AI for the Chinese market.

Another noticeable feature are the “Personal activity index” (Personal Activity Intelligence). Analyzing the heart rhythm and response to various types of loads, this system will be able to calculate the level of mobility of the user (including sex, age, weight and other parameters) and to suggest how much activity he needs to stay healthy.

In China, the Mi Band release 5 is expected by the end of next month or early July. How much will it cost new, not specified.

Text: To.Hi-tech