Those who incorrectly parked, gets a ticket and must pay a fine. That is the rule. But a young man from England has now experienced his personal Christmas miracle. Shortly before Christmas he parked his car in front of the house of his girlfriend, a rear wheel stand on the two yellow lines – these must not be parked in the UK.

Christmas greeting instead of fine

How the British News Portal “The Sun” reported, the guy came the next Morning to his car and saw the Wide ticket on its windshield. He had, of course, cursed and bitched in the Knowledge that he had made a mistake, he explained.

As he looked at the ticket, has improved his mood. Because on this state only: “Merry Christmas, rejoice that they did not get a ticket.”

The Sun, the man said that the Park would have been room on the rather not have a good reputation, but this news show that they were people too. The officials he would like to spend a beer for this nice message.

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