Struggling with today’s Wordle puzzle? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. If you need a little help, here’s a fresh clue to point you in the right direction. Today’s hint is all about an action you do to dough when making bread or to someone’s back during a massage. It involves gently pressing and stretching something by hand.

For those wondering if there’s a double letter in today’s Wordle, the answer is no. So keep that in mind as you make your guesses.

If you’re new to Wordle or just looking for some tips to improve your game, here are a few strategies to help you on your way to success:
– Start with a mix of unique consonants and vowels in your opening word.
– Use your second guess wisely to eliminate letters quickly.
– Remember that the answer could contain letters more than once.

And remember, there’s no rush to solve the puzzle. Take your time and come back to it if you need a break.

So, what is today’s Wordle answer? The solution to the June 26 puzzle is “KNEAD.” Keep up the good work and enjoy your winning streak!

If you’re looking for more Wordle answers to guide your guesses, here are some recent solutions to inspire you:
– June 25: SAVOR
– June 24: DOLLY
– June 23: BUGLE
– June 22: EDICT
– June 21: PAINT
– June 20: SCENT
– June 19: TERSE
– June 18: COVER
– June 17: PRIOR
– June 16: GRIND

As you continue to play Wordle, remember to start with a strong word like “LEASH” and use the feedback from each guess to narrow down your choices. With only six attempts, make each guess count by eliminating possible letters and forming new words that complement your previous ones.

Wordle was originally created by software engineer Josh Wardle as a surprise for his partner, and it quickly gained popularity among word game enthusiasts. The game has since inspired many variations and spin-offs, becoming a cultural phenomenon. Who knows, maybe soon we’ll all be communicating in tricolor boxes instead of words. Enjoy the challenge and happy puzzling!