Today’s Wordle puzzle had one green and three yellow boxes, giving players a run for their money. The clue for the day was related to actions like placing a lid on a pot or pulling a blanket over your head. The answer to the puzzle was “COVER.”

For those looking to improve their Wordle skills, here are some tips to keep in mind:
– Start with a word that has a mix of common vowels and consonants.
– The answer might repeat the same letter.
– Avoid using guesses that include letters you’ve already eliminated.

Wordle is a game that doesn’t require rushing, so taking your time and treating it like a casual crossword puzzle can be beneficial. Stepping away and coming back later can sometimes lead to a breakthrough in solving the puzzle.

The history of Wordle traces back to software engineer Josh Wardle creating the game as a surprise for his partner. The game gained popularity within his family before being released to the public. Eventually, Wordle was acquired by the New York Times due to its immense popularity, leading to the creation of similar games focused on different themes.

By following these tips and understanding the background of Wordle, players can enhance their gameplay and enjoy the challenge of uncovering the five-letter word hidden within the puzzle grid.