The France team will challenge the Netherlands in the quarter-finals of the Women’s Euro on Saturday July 23 in Rotherham (9 p.m.). The Dutch 4-1 victory over Switzerland allows Les Bleues to finish second in Group C.

The first place in Group C went to the Swedes who outclassed Portugal (5-0) on Sunday in Leigh. The Netherlands purred before accelerating late in the game. Romée Leuchter (84th, 89th) and Victoria Pelova (90th 4) ensured the Dutch success after the opener against her side of the Swiss Ana-Maria Crnogorcevic (49th) and the express equalization of Géraldine Reuteler (53rd).

At the same time, Sweden bent Portugal thanks to their physical and tactical superiority from a set piece and a double from Filippa Angeldal. The Scandinavians will face the second in Group D in the quarter, an opponent to be determined between Italy, Belgium and Iceland, which is opposed to France, Monday in Rotherham (9 p.m.).