creepy case from the United Arab Emirates: There’s a woman in Morocco to the attention of the judicial authorities is advised. The disturbing allegation: you killed your lover, then cooked, and finally to workers from the neighborhood fed – because he planned to marry another woman.

As reported in the daily newspaper “The National” should have been the man and the woman a total of seven years as a Couple. The act itself is supposed to be for three months, but the case was recently known as the police found a Tooth in your blender. The brother of the man had reported him previously missing. He told the officers he had visited the woman in whose house in the city of Al Ain and to the whereabouts of his brother asked. You would then declare, however, that you have him after a dispute in front of the door, and did not know where he is staying.

star crime of cannibalism, and One Night decides to Sagawa to make his fantasy a reality. He is a cannibal Human Tooth in a blender

a Little later then the officials found a Tooth in the Mixer of the woman. We first conducted a DNA Test showed that he belonged to the missing man. The woman was taken then. In the interrogation with the police, the woman, according to the report, in their 30s, the fact is first denied is said to have confessed, but later. So you should have the officers declared that she had killed the man in a Moment of “madness”. I want to take revenge on him, because he had to leave after seven years, to marry another, though she had always taken care of financially for him.

the manner In which she had killed the man who did not want to tell the police, according to the report. However, you have processed the Remains in Machboos, in the Gulf States, the traditional rice dish. This had served to some workers, who lived in the neighborhood.

sources: “The National”