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a strawberry milk. While the commander SIPS, rants about the lack of German courts in this American Diner. The players he calls their ID. On the counter, a fire extinguisher disguised Hand-a nuclear bomb, he noted.

Welcome to Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, where the socialism has lost never and now the resistance in the United States reactivated. But wait, in the German Version of the game it is not Nazism, subjugated the world. It is the Regime. The Regime knows no swastikas. Because video games are not art. Or?

“You have your body exercises are not adhered to. You’re a disgrace for your country!”, at reigns wife angel, their daughter Sigrun. And the body brings the image of Nazism to the point. Those who are not proficient, is not a remarkable man. Mrs. Engel is the Antagonistin in Wolfenstein 2. Wilhelm Strasse alias General Skull blessed in the predecessor to The New Order the Time. The subsequent Evil in the Form of a woman, angel, is no less fascist. And the answer of the player to the fact not a Whit less dramatically. In a shattered America, you are helping to organize the resistance.

people, not monsters

Wolfenstein 2 is an anti war game. Violence is not an end in itself. Rather, it is the artistic confrontation with the inhuman fascism. The players run through a nuclear bombs destroyed New York. You strip by a Roswell, marked by the white robes of the Ku Klux Klan. In the meantime, you will learn of the Childhood of the protagonist B. J. Blazkowicz. A Childhood dominated by an authoritarian father who wants to beat everything Queer from his son. The son, therefore, the house-dog shoot. The mother proposes, and also the son of violence, when he learns that the surrounds himself with non-white people.

The ideology of national socialism is compacted in this world artistically, and thus broken up: The New truth, the newspaper, which is based on the striker means. The player can read on your Gewaltzug through this broken world. The soldiers look like caricatures of the people image of the Nuremberg race laws. Everything is a little too massive to pointedly monstrous, and exactly to the point.

solid, the weapons with which the players of this symbol of fascism, the bloody suppression of can shoot. Every shot, every litre of blood in Wolfenstein 2 is a cruel right of revenge. The players are freed from a Rigid. You joined in an activity – take this virtual gun and stop these people contempt. However, the players are left never in peace. It is never an Orgy of Violence. Again and again, the discomfort of breaking into the game. If, for example, the Protagonist of his severe pain and speaks. If the people of the resistance break of the humanity. Or if all of this dystopia of a sudden a Baby at the breast is lifted. In Wolfenstein 2 no Monster, but people exist.

Anywhere policy

Fortunately, the Publisher Bethesda recognizes the political relevance of the game, right now. Thus, the players can listen about the Nazis that patrol with their weapons through the corridors. “Violence is never okay,” says one. “This resistance, these are terrorists.” Discover the soldiers, the player will be shoot the supposedly peace-loving Nazis, of course, immediately.

There are discourses, which in our society are aware of in the here and playable. Wolfenstein 2 is a highly political game, and at the same time – this is not a paradox – a high-fun. In an Interview with the Narrative Designer of the game himself said: “It is a cathartic experience. It feels really good to strike back”.