With the long slump in the iPhone seeds-sale figures of Apple increasingly relies on Services as a source of revenue. How fitting that the presentation of the iPhone 11 is also equal to two of the most important of these services finally got a start date and a competitive price. Replace you don’t need to the iPhone, fortunately, but.

In its Streaming service Apple TV+ and the games subscription Apple Arcade, the group is likely to put still great hopes. The expenditures show Alone, the Budget for in-house productions for TV+ is more than six billion dollars, equal to two of the Apple series to crack the previous records for the cost per episode. So Apple paid for a series on Breakfast television more than the last season of “Game of Thrones” has devoured. You can learn more here.

iPhone 11 presented Apple’s biggest Surprise was the iPhone By Malte Mansholt attack on Netflix

are recorded To this cost and is likely to take some time: 4,99 Euro Apple requires for the Apple TV+ a month, if the service on 1. November is at the Start. The whole family can look with up to six people to their own devices. A Netflix subscription for four people costs 15,99 Euro. In order to increase the user base quickly to let Apple is also a clever Trick: With the purchase of an iPhone the first year Apple TV+ is available for free.

However, Netflix also offers multiple series and films. Apple is likely to play in the long run. Although Apple TV, only three series at the Start, it should be constantly added to new. Probably so that the customers do not cancel constantly, Apple offers new consequences as in the case of Netflix and co. at a stroke, but as in the TV weekly.

Whether Apple can be so against the tough competition in the Streaming market, will have to show. The competitors needed years, their large catalogs of series and films, and the customer base to build up. The competition is on the rise, With Disney one of the largest Player goes from the fall with his own service in the market. At the same time, it is for Netflix and co. are getting harder and harder to important series and movies license.

Apple Event: iPhone 11 in pictures: So chic Apple’s new Fullscreen

The most striking eye-catcher: The triple camera of the new iPhone 11 Pro. With it, you can’t zoom in, but also by wide-angle more surroundings in the shot. The optic is expected to tighten in the near term the looks.

©Christoph Fröhlich star online deep pockets,

Here, Apple points could be: unlike Netflix, the group goes from the beginning to its own productions, so don’t lose customers by eliminating content. In addition, Apple is not dependent on earning alone with the series of business money – and has by the fats of the iPhone years deep pockets. While Netflix swoops for new content in debt, Apple has hundreds of billions of euros of cash reserves. The hold for a while.

the interest of users is large: More than 100 million Times, the Trailer of the previously announced series had been viewed already. Also, only a portion of these users should complete a subscription, would be Apple, at a stroke, more successful than many a competitor.

record-breaking budget, Apple is gearing up for the Streaming-war – and Netflix will have to dress warmly By Malte Mansholt Revolution in the App Store,

And also Apple Arcade should not be underestimated. Especially for families the from 19 is. September has Spieleabo highly interesting. While Smartphone games now for the most part, through expensive In-App purchases, the paid-for Raffle items in the game (“Lootboxen”) and other questionable methods to give money to earn, these are prohibited in the Arcade. Who pays for the Arcade, you get hundreds of games without any cost the case. For the price of 4.99 Euro, even six people in your family may mitzocken members. A strong offer.

The advantages for customers are obvious: you get access to numerous Games, many of them are even exclusive for the service available. It also gives you the choice: All of the games on iPhone or iPod, the iPad, the Mac or the Streaming Box Apple TV play. And the continuous. Game saves are synced between the devices seamlessly.

Calculated loss

For Apple the step to Arcade first Paradox. The money the group earned with the other Play: Of all the In-App and in App sales, 30 percent go to Apple. Why would you torpedo this business? Probably the simplest answer: With Arcade the revenues come from monthly reliable on the account. So you pay even if you play less.

Actually, it should go to Apple but also to keep the customers in their own Ecosystem. The In-App rip-off is, above all, parents are a thorn in the eye. Apple can establish the Arcade as a better Alternative, offers good quality, fair and, above all, from the outset clear terms and conditions.

Also the change of the system is difficult. But who wants to keep his Arcade games, and also Apple TV+ must not use the service on an Apple device. A change to other manufacturers, it is prevented that customers feel in a closed System, eventually, probably, do not want to dispense with cherished services.

In the ideal case, the services even for new truck sales incorporate: if you Want to use them on the TV, do you perhaps have an Apple TV. And instead of the Android Tablets, it is just an iPad. So the Hardware and the Service are inspired from Apple-offer each other. The Service can replace the division, therefore, the iPhone probably never will. But that would not be desirable when Hardware company Apple, probably not.

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