The freedom of the American weapon law is famous for. And not only since Michael Moore in “Bowling for Columbine” in a Bank with a gun for opening an account got as a gift. At one point, the US authorities are very strict: The sale of silencers is strictly controlled. With absurd Tricks many sellers deal but the rules and sell the weapons, attachments easy as everyday objects.

How about a silencer at a variety of retailers, as a “case had been sold”, as a “solvent Filter” or as a “flashlight extension”, reports the Tech Blog “The Verge”. Even on the American Amazon page are available to buy as a “solvent-collectors” listed items, the dampers with a little effort, sound rebuild.

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the reason for the trickery, the strict regimentation of the noise suppressor is. While the purchase of a firearm is often the ID card is not sufficient, you need to verify the purchase of sound only apply for. The approval can take over a year, so “The Verge”. And even then, each individual purchased the silencer must be registered.

The replacement items, however, are freely negotiable. Also, the tag in a weapon-attachment is not prohibited – as long as you registered the then. This is also faster. “It costs 450 dollars and more than a year to register a silencer”; said Bob Folkestead, founder of the “solvent catcher”-manufacturer Quiet Bore compared to “The Verge”. “Purchasing one of my products and you’ve got the approval in two to three weeks.”

The sale of the components is also legal, because the FBI uses a rather vague Definition of a silencer. So is it possible to build objects that comply with a silencer, but not as a apply. “The ATF (authority for the regulation of alcohol, tobacco and firearms, editors’ note) has given us virtually all a free ride,” says a former employee who now operates a security company.

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One reason is the enormous effort required is likely to be the permits. The regulation began in 1934, when the use of the devices increased crime. Since the play, but hardly a role. Only 153 court cases had to do between had in 1995 and 2004, with silencers, one study showed in 2007. Most of the dealing, however, with the pure possession of: Only in eight cases, had been shot in order.

No wonder that many are calling for the decriminalization of the articles. “You can’t argue that the authorities should pursue the ownership of an object, if is not then used in crimes,” said another former ATF official in “The Verge”.

the silencer rare to find use, will also lie in the false representation of the shot noise in the media. If James Bond shoots, you hear the Bang, the undamped guns allow in Film and TV is still a normal conversation. In truth, real shots with up to 150 decibels, however, are almost 30 Times louder than a plane taking off. And even the muffler restricts the still in moderation: The lowest measured value is 117 dB still as loud as a chain saw.
sources: The Verge, Amazon, Western Criminology

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