Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow

the Portal “Window to the city” will show Epiphany bathing. The broadcast will begin on 18 November at 18:00 and will end at 18:00 on 19 January, according to the portal of the mayor and government of Moscow.

residents of the capital will be able to see the workload sites and understand what time and where to plunge into the hole. The broadcast will lead with the following platforms:

pond Beckett (Country road, near the house 2);the Park “Northern Tushino” (ulitsa Svobody, house district 56);Big Vorontsovsky pond (ulitsa Akademika Pilyugina, house district 1);Stroginskaya floodplain (street Twardowski, in the area of possession 16, building 3);Chernevsky pond (ulitsa yuzhnobutovskaya, house district 62).
According to the head of the Department of urban surveillance of the information technology Department, Dmitry Golovin, this goal “Window to the city” for the fifth time will broadcast the Epiphany bathing in Moscow.

In the capital, equipped with 46 sites for Epiphany bathing. It would be a faux font, located near temples and in parks, and special places on the water. Special areas for swimming and will appear in seven parks of the Moscow Department of culture: in the garden named after Bauman, parks Mitino, Fili, Severnoye Tushino and Sokolniki, on the estate Vorontsovo in the area Borisovskiye Prudy.

Come take a dip everyone will be able to six in the evening of the 18th of January until the same time on January 19. At all sites arrange safe descent to the water, and the paths to the fonts will be anti-slip coating. The neighborhood will be constructed the pavilions warm with hot tea and food, as well as changing rooms, information stands and portable toilets. In addition, in the vicinity of the fonts will be temporary car Parking.

next to all fonts will be constantly on duty lifeguards, police and ambulance crews. In addition, the police will patrulirovanie water reservoirs of the capital, so no one was swimming in unequipped places.

Epiphany worship service will be held at 461 the Metropolitan Cathedral. To ensure the safety of the emergencies Ministry held with all the Ministers of the churches instruction in the use of open flames and compliance with fire safety requirements. Also checked the operability of fire safety.

the MOE has formed an operational group that will conduct patrols in the capital at the time of Baptism. This is necessary to prevent unauthorized swimming. Because of the warm weather in the district sent the recommendations on arrangement of places of bathing close to the coastline, excluding going out on the ice.

In the night from 18 for January 19 of 39 public transport will work longer than usual because of Baptism. In the area of the most popular places for Epiphany bathing, and temples where we will have festive worship services, buses, trams, trolleybuses and buses will run until 03:00.

the Epiphany is one of the main Christian holidays. Orthodox Christians celebrate it on the night of 18 to 19 January. On this day believers remember important biblical event, the baptism by John the Baptist in the Jordan river of Jesus Christ.

the baptismal font is equipped with a safe approach and access to water.

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