Freshly bought, are your towels still fluffy and fluffy – but after the first wash the Comforter has reduced factor. But what can you do about it?

cleaning expert Rachel Cohen told the Online Portal Popsugar what matters.

towels wash: this means you can safely do without

fabric softener will actually ensure that your towels so fluffy remain the same as on the first day. However, the chemicals can destroy the fibers and the cloth loses its suppleness, white the expert.

your tip: “Put a tennis ball in the dryer, so the towels are exaggerating and upset.” Then you come back all soft from washing.

you Wash your towels in cold

Yes, you heard correctly: towels should be washed according to the expert, cold, if they are to remain fluffy. Out of habit we use mostly hot water. This ensures that the towels at the seams, moving in together and the colors change. On top of that, the stains by cold water is much easier from the towels to wash.

Suitable: Therefore, the Laundry is also in clean cold water.

do not Overdo it with the Dry

you Take your towels from the dryer while they are still a little damp. In this way, you protect the fibers, before the “drying out”, and you will not be so quickly fixed. You can hang the towels instead on the drying rack and let them naturally dry.

If you keep these three tips in mind, you should are the smooth towels.

It’s too late and your towels are scratchy and rigid from dryness? With this tips you will be soft again.