Since we look series, especially on Streaming platforms, has changed the dealing with them. To wait instead anxiously for the new episode, you can watch easy a and has a season in a weekend. Disney and Apple want to change the good again. The end of the Binge-Watching is sell for you in a clever way – but it could also backfire.

you want to Achieve the with a other publication strategy. While Netflix and Amazon’s new series seasons of a shock to the network, the two Streaming-newbies according to media shears TV-approach reports, more on classification. The consequences will be unlocked accordingly, again on a weekly basis.

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The idea behind it is quite clever. So the Binge-Watching made for a big Problem: Not every viewer was on the same Stand, talks about the new consequences were a minefield for spoilers. From the weekly staggering Disney and Apple are likely to hope for a return of the so-called “Water-Cooler-Effects”. Thus, the phenomenon that are at work all over the yesterday ran a result of discuss – and you will feel excluded if you don’t have a say.

However, the weekly frequency has a further effect. It prevents that you only have to look for a desired series of one piece, and then the service terminates, tactics, the look in the United States as a “Binge-and-bail” (“through and run”) is known. Instead, it is bound to several weeks and months.

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especially for Apple, is likely to be desirable. While Disney can draw from his huge collection of series and movies of the “Mickey mouse” over “Star Wars” and “Marvel”, is a competitor to Apple in the beginning with three shows at the Start. Only in the course of time to fill the Portfolio. Until then, timing is binding on the Week, the customers.

Different strategy

In the case of the pool the two suppliers differ according to the Reports. Disney seems to want to with series like the “Star Wars”Show, “The Mandalorian” or the Marvel series, “Loki” a classic each week, a consequence of online, reported by “TV Line”. So as you know it in this country, especially online, TV series like “Game of Thrones” or “Better Call Saul”, the land shortly after the broadcast at the Streaming providers.

Apple is trying to make it with a mixed approach, according to “Bloomberg”. The first three episodes of the new series such as the star-studded “The Morning Show” were, therefore, immediately available, and then timing a set a Week. This strategy uses also the US provider Hulu, which produced about “The Handmaidens Tale”.

If the strategy succeeds, it will have to show. Especially for Apple, it could prove to be risky. While Disney goes with a huge range of audience favorites and a competitive price of $ 7 at the Start, you have to Start a few reasons to switch to Apple. Especially for the previously rumored price of 10 dollars per month. The big risk: The customer could simply wait until all of the episodes of the new series are available, and then only in a month’s look. The pause effect fizzles out then simply.

sources: Bloomberg, TV Line

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