It was the big Surprise of the Tech-autumn: Microsoft back into the Smartphone Business. That in itself is noteworthy, finally, is the company’s own Windows Phones were a billion expensive Disaster for the group from Redmond. But the real Sensation is not the phone itself – the Surface, the Duo is a foldable model with two 5.6-inch screens, which should come by the end of 2020 on the market, but the Software that runs on it. Microsoft is not on Windows, but on Android. And a lot about the company reveals.

a few years ago, it would have been unthinkable that Microsoft is relying on a foreign operating system – now there is even a partnership with Google, such as Surface chief Panos Panay said. So, you will work closely with the search engines group to the Software for the new Hardware.


Microsft CEO Satya Nadella during the October-Keynote

< p > the world according to the OS

What is the change in culture, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in the company has consummated, has not been more said in a “Wired”Interview after the Event: “The operating system is the most important level for us,” Nadella. “For us, the App model and the experience are much more important.” And the head of Microsoft to put The idea of the unit is 2019 is still the center of the user experience, was “absolute nonsense”. The future is cloud-based, is crucial to the quality of Apps.

The message is clear: The group is gearing up for the world to Windows.

The money earned to the Cloud

Yet Windows is one of the most important revenue pillars for Microsoft. In the summer, the group was able to increase the number of sold Windows licenses to wholesale customers, again, overall, the Windows division generated sales of USD 11.3 billion in only three months. However, the engine of growth, and hopes are long other lines of business, the Cloud and the Office business.

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In the last quarter of the Azure Cloud platform for companies, increased turnover by 64 percent. The 2016 acquired Online career portal, Linkedin increased revenue by a quarter. Microsoft’s Web Version of the office program’s “Office 365” also rose by a strong 31 percent. The Nadella years ago, initiated the turn and is now bearing fruit.

develop Many of the Details unclear

Instead, with great effort of their own systems, the focus of the group is increasingly to make its services on all platforms look as good as possible. Five years ago, Microsoft brought its Office services to Apple’s iPad, a few weeks ago, Satya Nadella, made a guest appearance at the Launch Event of Samsung Galaxy Note 10. There, too, he spoke of “a new Chapter in the long-standing, joint cooperation to enhance the productivity and bridge the gap between mobile devices and the PC closes”.

will look Like the collaboration with Google, is still largely unknown. With a few Details Microsoft was tight-lipped. Should Google be more for the Windows world open, it is expected that the search group would like to receive in return for more access. Probably, you will learn to Build conference 2020, held usually at the beginning of may, for more Details.

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“We don’t want the people just need Windows, but for Windows choose and Windows love” – that was the claim, the Nadella less than a year after he took office in the year 2015 by email to his staff put it.

This seems to be a thing of the past. Microsoft no longer tries compulsively to draw users to its platform, but seems to be more than ever ready to go where you already are. Nadella has realized that it must not be love. Sometimes it is enough to be used.

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