“Error. No playback of the title. Please try again later”, it was said at the weekend on many of the screens of Apple users. Behind inert Black. The AirPlay function which could transfer Netflix content wirelessly to Apple devices and other compatible devices, is not supported by the Streaming Portal. The caps are the popular Option came without notice, and is apparently the result of a dispute between the two Tech companies.

On his Support page language Netflix initially very vague technical limitations, but more. While AirPlay was neither in the App nor on the corresponding function in the iOS control center, enable. A variety of user-complaints and a request from the U.S. Tech magazine “The Verge” urged the group finally, to a broader statement.

Netflix fears a loss in the user experience

Apple has rolled out recently an Update of AirPlay with AirPlay 2 now support Third-Party devices. Thereby, it is possible to transfer the Streams to the various Smart TVs from manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and LG. The corresponding AirPlay-2 interfaces are built into the new devices of the manufacturer.

analysis of the New Streaming service Apple is attacking Netflix remains the most important answer, however, guilty of

For Netflix is now the following Problem: The Streaming giant will no longer be able to identify the device uniquely, and differ from each other, which, in turn, makes a corresponding adjustment to the content is impossible and the optimal graphical representation more difficult. Since you moved in, California, headquarters prefer the plug.

From “The Verge” tried Netflix to defend his drastic decision: “We want to make sure that our members have on each device you use, a great Netflix experience. With the introduction of AirPlay to third-party devices, there is no way to differentiate between the devices (what is an Apple TV device-and what is not?) or to certify these experiences. For this reason, we have decided that Netflix AirPlay support to ensure that our standard of quality for the display. Members can access the built-in App on Apple TV and other devices remain on Netflix.”

Is still more behind-the-AirPlay-deactivation?

The deactivation of the Apple-Streaming Option on Netflix could be the harbinger of an intensified competition among the Streaming giants. Recently, Apple introduced “TV Plus”, a streaming service that combines different services from multiple providers. Netflix refused, however, to cooperation with Apple and want to show its content on the Netflix platform. Compared to the “The Verge” said a Netflix spokesperson, however: “There are no power games among the groups”.

Currently seems to Netflix to keep the feet still and waiting for the next step on the part of Apple. While Apple TV users have only the possibility to install Netflix as an App directly on the device, and to control content. Also, the Streaming of the Google Chromecast is still supported.