You have arrived on the cruise ship, checked in, and the sun is shining – for now, have a cigarette plug in. But where on the ship is actually allowed to be smoked?

smoke on the cruise ship: Here it is

Smoking on cruise ships is rare and fewer and fewer places allowed. Smoking especially on the balconies is hardly permitted. While you can smoke on the fleet of “Mein Schiff” from Tui Cruises and the Aida ships, on the balconies, this is on MSC cruises now.

There is on most cruise ships, but designated Smoking areas, where Smoking is allowed. In the case of ships with more stringent regulations, these are the only areas where Smoking is allowed, such as in the case of MSC or Aida.

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Tui Cruises takes it a little more relaxed, here, in addition to the balconies are also puffed on porches, in Lounges, in certain Bars and in the Smoking room. In the cabins, Smoking is prohibited, as is the case with the Aida ships.

tip: anyone Who smokes on the cruise, designated Smoking areas, is to have an ashtray available. On the balconies, even if Smoking is still allowed, but there are usually no ashtrays in reach. Do not throw cigarettes or other tobacco products on Board! You might want to put a folding ashtray in your Luggage. In this way, no embers or ashes may fly around.

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