The Star-Lined Sword is a powerful Katana that players can find in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. This weapon is ideal for DEX/INT builds and offers a unique move set that adds excitement to combat, especially when utilizing its special Ash of War. If you enjoy using katanas and want to make a flashy statement in battle, the Star-Lined Sword could be the perfect choice for you.

Stats and Features of the Star-Lined Sword:
– Weight: 5.0
– Required stats: STR – 10, DEX – 23, INT – 21
– Comes with Ash of War: Onze’s Line of Stars, which enhances the sword with sorcerous energy for powerful combos that increase in damage with each strike.
– Can be upgraded to +10 with Somber Smithing Stones.

Description of the Star-Lined Sword:
The item description of the Star-Lined Sword reads: “Sword encrusted with a line of stars fashioned from small pieces of crude glintstone. Weapon of the demi-human swordsmen. When bestowed with this weapon by their queen, the swordsmen swear to find the truth that lies at the end of the procession of stars.”

Where to Find the Star-Lined Sword:
To obtain the Star-Lined Sword, players must defeat Demi-Human Queen Marigga in the Charo’s Hidden Grave region. Fast travel to the Cerulean Coast West Site of Grace, then head northeast and navigate through the ravine while staying to the left side. Continue straight out onto the coast to reach the location.

Before engaging with Demi-Human Queen Marigga, it is recommended to defeat as many smaller Demi-Humans as possible. While she is not overly challenging, players can summon their equipped Spirit Ash to assist in the battle if needed. Upon defeating Demi-Human Queen Marigga, players will be rewarded with the Star-Lined Sword for their efforts.

In conclusion, the Star-Lined Sword is a formidable weapon with unique abilities that can greatly enhance gameplay for those utilizing DEX/INT builds in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. By following the provided directions and defeating Demi-Human Queen Marigga, players can add this impressive Katana to their arsenal and experience its devastating power in combat.