Milady is a unique Light Greatsword that can be found in the Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. It offers a perfect balance between a straight sword and a greatsword, providing fast attacks that pack a punch. Not only does it deliver significant damage, but it also features a visually appealing move set that adds excitement to combat.

To wield Milady, you need to meet the following stat requirements: STR – 12 and DEX – 17. The weapon comes with Ash of War: Impaling Thrust, a powerful attack that can break through enemy defenses, especially when they are hiding behind a shield. Upgrading Milady to +25 is possible with standard Smithing Stones, allowing you to enhance its effectiveness in battle.

The item description of Milady describes it as a light greatsword with a refined appearance, named after noble ladies for its elegant design. If you’re wondering where to find Milady, look no further than Castle Ensis. After crossing the bridge at the castle’s entrance, continue along the main path until you spot a cave ahead and wooden stairs behind you. Make sure not to pass a new Site of Grace, as that means you’ve gone too far.

Defeat the enemies near the wooden stairs, then climb up to find a ladder leading to a tower. Ascend the ladder to discover a chest containing Milady. Grab the sword and unleash its full potential in battles to come.

In conclusion, Milady is a formidable weapon that offers both style and substance in combat. Its unique abilities and elegant design make it a valuable addition to any adventurer’s arsenal. So, venture into Castle Ensis, claim Milady as your own, and show your foes what you’re made of in Elden Ring’s challenging world.